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COURTS   OF   PARISj    NAPLES,   ETC.                139

la Grange Bateliere, Is surrounded by spies, who
are at all hours parading before the gate of his
large court, which, as well as the apartments,
faces the short street of that name leading to
the Boulevards, and through the windows on both
sides one may from the street see every person
that moves in them. He only goes out in the
morning to take a walk, in the evening to some
theatre, and frequently sups with Mrs. Elliot,
with whom I think I told you Dr. Gem was
imprisoned four months.

The doctor is eighty-two, and very stout.
He was a violent democrat, but I fancy his prison
and the strange work he has been witness to
have cooled his ardour for the extremes of liberty.
He is great-uncle to Mr. Huskisson, and a very
good physician. His nephew was bred by him a
surgeon, and was then as revolutionary as himself.
He was made secretary of the Club des Feuillans,1
and when Lord Gower2 came to be in want of a
secretary, this young man was recommended to
him as being the son of a Trentham tenant. This

i The Club of Feuillans, established by Mirabeau, in
the building of the old convent of that name, which then
occupied a portion of the Rue Castiglione.

2 George Granville, third Earl Gower, ambassador to
the Court of France.